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First class FREE for new students in February! Yoga Teacher Training with Philip & Renee begins March 2nd. Join us! Details below

Join Philip and Renee this March for their Live Love Teach yoga teacher trainings. Everyone is welcome to participate – regardless of physical ability or years of yoga experience. In addition to the certificate programs, there is also a 3-day Intro option. RIPY is a Live Love Teach studio. Learn how and why we do what we do! For more details, please visit www.liveloveteach.com. If you still have questions or would like to set-up a call, please email Renee and Philip at info@liveloveteach.com.

* Take someone (or yourself!) on a HOT date! First class is FREE for new customers in February! Bring all your favorite people. Just show up (a few minutes early please to complete our waiver)! Pre-registration or calling ahead is not necessary.

* Looking for the PERFECT GIFT? Custom amount GIFT CARDS for RIPY classes, workshops or studio merchandise may be purchased and then printed from your home computer or emailed to the recipient right HERE! You decide the amount and include your own message. Our studio merchandise include mats and yogitoe towels in a variety of colors and designs, and any available RIPY swag, including our popular RIPSTER or STEAMY tanks!

*$5 CLASSES! Our Fall Schedule includes three $5 (for everyone!) classes (Monday’s & Wednesday’s at 7:15pm and Friday at 6pm). These classes are taught by a developing teacher: one of the new-to-teaching graduates of our Live Love Teach yoga teacher training. It’ll be the best $5 you ever spend! Register HERE or just show-up! Class passes will not be automatically activated for these classes due to the reduced class rate, but may be used upon request.

*TEEN/STUDENT RATES: For those 18 years or younger, our teen rate is only $5 (every class, every day!!!) For those older than 18, our student rates: $9 to drop-in or 10-classes for $80 (good for an entire year!) can be purchased in-studio with a valid student-ID. Our classes are the perfect compliment to school-sport repetitive fitness regimes, help develop stamina, focus and concentration, strengthen muscles, improve balance and flexibility, and teach impulse control! Join us!

* STUDENT/MILITARY/ SENIOR (65+) RATES: $9 to drop-in or 10-classes for $80 (good for an entire year). Register in-studio only with valid ID.

* Receive a discount on a monthly unlimited pass when you choose Auto Renew

Philip Urso

          Co-founder/facilitator at  Live Love Teach, a national  yoga teacher training school. Training began with Siddha Yoga in 1990. Also studied with Kripalu teacher Anita Bussey. Ten years with Baron Baptiste, where, prior to starting Live Live Teach, he was Co-Facilitator. In 2014, co-founded Rhode Island Power Yoga with Terry Munnelly […]