Try to Arrive Early
10 – 15 minutes early for class is a good target for beginners. If you are preregistered online, you can show up right on time if necessary. BUT, if the class is full and has a waiting list, you might lose your spot if you do not show up five minutes before class starts.

Hydrate Well
Try to sip water before, during and after your practice.  We highly recommend and sell electroytes you can add to your water at the studio.

Medical Conditions
Let your instructor know of any medical conditions, prior injuries, pregnancy, etc. BEFORE class. If in doubt, please get your doctor’s permission before taking class.

Leaving Early
If you need to leave class early, no problem, but try to do so quietly so you don’t disturb other students.

Ask Questions
If you are unsure of a yoga posture or have any questions, please ASK YOUR INSTRUCTOR.

RIPY is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. We offer cubbies in the lobby and in the back of the studio.

Please don’t wear any strong perfume, cologne or lotion.

Rental Mats
If you used a rental mat, please spray and wipe down and let it hang on the hooks provided on the wall.

Be Aware, Gentle and Safe
Yoga is one of the most natural things you can do for your body and mind. It can be challenging, yet approachable. There may be times when you feel uncomfortable because you are moving in new and dynamic ways.

We encourage you to feel these sensations fully and breathe with awareness. If you feel any pain or are straining while doing yoga, please back off and take a break. Everyone is unique and has their own boundaries and abilities. Therefore, the key for a safe and fulfilling yoga practice is being gentle and aware!

Studio Waiver

First time at the studio you will be asked to fill out a studio waiver form.   You can save time by printing it and filling it out at home.  Just bring it with you your first time. Click here to download the RIPY New Student Registration Form.