All classes are ALL-LEVEL.  Beginners are welcome in every class.  Space is limited to 15 people per class.  Pre-registration is strongly encouraged.  HOWEVER, due to our limited class capacity, all class reservations are non-refundable and non-transferable.  No exceptions.  Please plan accordingly.


ALL requirements by state health officials for the safe removal of masks during exercise are met.


The addition of plexiglass barriers has been well-received by students and adds another element of safety to our environment.

Plus, scientific studies suggest high heat and humidity are associated with inactivation of airborne viruses such as cornaviruses.  For a summary of research articles complied by Philip, click here.

And of course, we are strictly adhering to all the other required safety protocols mandated by the government – including those related to social distancing, participant/staff screening and cleaning.  As always we will continue to use a safe but powerful disinfectant that includes a VIRUCIDE (designed to kill viruses) to clean our floors, bathrooms and all high-touch surfaces.  We also continuously run a PECO AIR FILTRATION device in our studio.  PECO (Photo Electrochemical Oxidation) destroys pollutants including viruses, as opposed to collecting them as HEPA filtration does.


Can I use my pre-covid class pass as payment? 

Government mandated restrictions continue to severely reduce our operating capacity which makes it impossible to offer the per-class rates offered by our pre-covid class passes.  Therefore, we are in the process of crediting back the dollar value of unused classes from all pre-covid class passesPlease see section directly below “When can I claim my unused pre-covid balance.”

When Can I Claim My Unused Pre-Covid Purchase Balance?

In September 2020, we began implementing our plan which will  allow everyone – over time – to reclaim the dollar amount of their unused pre-covid purchase balance and use it as credit towards a RIPY purchase.

In order to do this in a fiscally responsible way that allows us to continue to offer our services even under the current conditions that severely limit our capacity, we are not able to credit everyone’s account at once, so we began with those customer who had the largest purchase outlay.

Depending on the pass you purchased pre-covid, you will be able to reclaim your balance as follows:

  • 6-month unlimited pass: Sept 2020
  • 30-class pass: Oct 2020
  • 20-class pass: Nov 2020
  • 10-class, monthly unlimited and intro passes: begins February 2021 (We had to move this out from Dec. 2019 due to the state-mandated PAUSE on small group fitness which closed our business for 3 weeks in Dec. 2020.  We anticipate having to break these category up over several weeks.)

You will receive an email with more specific and relevant-to-your-pass details when your pass is eligible for reclaiming.

Here’s how works: The unused portion of all passes valid as of March 17, 2020 will be eligible for reclaiming.  Your RIPY account will be credited the dollar value of your unused pre-covid purchase balance and that credit may be used for any future RIPY purchase at our current rates. For example: if you had 3 classes remaining on a 10-class pass purchased for $110, your RIPY account will be credited $33.

If you have questions, please email Renee:

What is the cost of a class? 


How do I register for a class?

Directly from our website – or from your MindBody app.  Pre-registration is strongly encouraged as classes have been filling quickly.

Can I register for as many classes as I’d like? 

Yes, of course!  In fact, we suggest you do as they may sell out quickly.  However, you may not reserve a class for someone else – unless that someone else is an immediate family member and lives with you.  And, please keep in mind, once you reserve one of the limited spots in a class, you are committed.  In other words, due to our limited class size class reservations are non-refundable and non-transferable.  No exceptions.

What if I pre-register and can’t make it?

As stated above, unfortunately, you will not be able to recover the class you miss.  Nor will you be able to transfer your purchase to a different time/day or person.  Due to our limited class size, class reservations are non-refundable, and non-transferable.

Will I be able to change my clothes before or after class?

You will be able to use the bathrooms but not our changing rooms during this time.  Our bathrooms are cleaned after every class.  Socializing or lingering in our lobby is not permitted before or after class.  You will be asked to arrive no sooner than 15 minutes before class time, and to leave promptly after class.

Do I have to pre-register for a drop-in?  Can I just show-up?

Pre-registration is the only way to guarantee your spot in class and is strongly encouraged (remember, each class is limited to 15 people so we expect them to fill quickly) However, if the schedule shows that it’s not sold-out and/or you’d like to take a chance that someone doesn’t show up you may certainly drop-by.  Of course if you do so, you would be expected to pay for class and comply with all the mask, social distancing, and screening requirements.

Will you be offering teen rates; student/military/senior discounts or Developing Teacher classes?

During this time, while government mandated restrictions continue to reduce our operational capacity we will not be offering discounted rates.  Once we can operate again at (or close to) capacity, we will bring back our discounts.

Tell me about mask wearing?

Masks are required until you are on your mat inside the studio.  We have installed plexiglass barriers (pictured above) that are placed in front and behind students and we also allow for 14′ of physical distance from side-to-side.  Per state guidelines, those two requirements allow for the removal of masks if mask wearing is not tolerable during exercise.  Any time you step off your mat, you must be sure your mask is on.

What should I know about mats, blocks and towels?

You’ll need your own!  For the time being, we are no longer able to share our blocks or to rent mats or towels.  We do however, have those items (brand new!) as well as water, electrolytes and RIPY swag available for purchase at the studio.  It is recommended you store your credit card information on your RIPY account for touch-less transactions (we can only ever see the last 4 digits).  If you don’t know how or would prefer not to do that, no problem.  We will clean your card with alcohol before handing it back to you.

Have more questions?

Please email Renee