Live Love Teach National Yoga Teacher Training School (LLT) is a Yoga Alliance registerd yoga school owned and operated by Philip Urso and Renee Deslauriers – who also co-own Rhode Island Power Yoga (RIPY) with Terrence Munnelly.

LLT offers a 200hr certification program for those new to teaching and an advanced 500hr certification course for experienced teachers.

All RIPY teachers are LLT trained.

LLT’s curriculum revolves around the art of teaching.  Both Philip and Renee have coached hundreds of teachers – both new to teaching and experienced – on their teaching skills.

But LLT principles go way beyond the art of teaching yoga.  RIPY is an LLT studio – which means it operates its business on the principles taught by LLT programs.  Those principles guide every business decision RIPY makes and every relationship the business touches – including those with our students, staff, vendors and the community at large.

Please consider joining us for a training if you want:

  • to learn how to teach yoga well
  • to learn more about how we teach and our guiding principles
  • to deepen your understanding of yoga and how works to transform lives
  • to learn techniques to help you make lasting changes to way you live your life and relate to others

You do not have to have been practicing yoga for a long time to participate in our trainings.  You do not have to be able to do all the poses.  Our trainings produce excellent teachers but are for anyone curious and interested in learning more about yoga and how to live by its principles.  Wanting to teach is not necessarily a prerequisite.

Our trainings are generally held in October and March each year in Jamestown, RI.  To learn more please visit; or scroll through our Live Love Teach National Yoga Teacher Training School FaceBook page.